Early Access

Get early access through Ream Stories, Patreon and Wattpad*

In a nutshell, here’s the comparison chart.

Why get early access?

✅ Get access to super rough drafts and see what happens next to a series

✅ Support Aly for free by following her on Wattpad* and Ream Stories

✅ Support Aly in her writing by subscribing to a $1 / $3 / $5 tier (Patreon and Ream Stories)

✅ Early access to 🔥🔥🔥 stories on Ream Stories because it’s the platform that DOES not censor romance authors

You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.


Q: Do you have a publishing schedule?

A: Yes, head over to the release schedule page. It includes WIPs (Work-in-Progress stories) and short stories.

Q: What do you mean by early access after 5 weeks for Wattpad and Ream Stories (Follower)?

A: Once a chapter or story is published on Patreon and Ream Stories, it will be made available on Wattpad for Ream Stories’ followers after a period of 5 weeks.

For Patreon and Ream Stories subscribers, they will get early access of completed stories in advance.

Q: Why are work-in-progress not available on Patreon?

A: Patreon censors my *type* of stories. 😅 Patreon subscribers will still get early access to completed works before Wattpad and Ream stories’ followers.

Q: If a book is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, will they also be published on the paid subscription and Wattpad?

A: When a book is released through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited (KU) program, all chapters and completed works will be removed from Wattpad, Patreon, and Ream Stories two weeks before publication. In some cases, certain stories will be removed at least four weeks before publication to ensure that Wattpad’s mirror sites are completely taken down.

Bonus content and free fiction will not be taken down.

Q: Will all books be published on Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

A: Yes, unless stated otherwise. Short stories, like Pick Up the Pieces series, will be distributed wide. Each story is about 9K to 12K word count.


If you have other questions, leave a comment below or email me at aly@alytatum.com.

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