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  • 5/26/24: Orange Tundra (Prologue)
    Note: once this book is published, I will delete the Prologue and all related contents on this website. Prologue Trill Kilo’s gang hideout, Orange Mountain “Trill,” a melodic voice called to me that raised my hackles. Shit. Fuck. Just a few minutes to the common room and I would have been free. “Nialla,” I dipped…
  • 8/8/23: Orange Mountain Cover Reveal, ARC Requests, Book Recs, and more!
    Orange Mountain cover reveal. Sign-up for an advanced reader copy (link in the post). We also have some publishing news and August 2023 book recommendations.
  • 7/11/23: Writing Update, Patreon Exclusive Content, Book Recs, and more!
    Link to Original Newsletter Dear Reader, I hope you are doing well. Because of health conditions, I was not able to publish Orange Mountain, the 4th Book in Manasty series. The new launch date is September 4, 2023. I was recently diagnosed with chronic migraine. It’s a good thing being a freelancer allowed me to work part…