Trigger Warnings

Author’s Note: if you think this list is incomplete or not accurate, please comment below or email me at Your mental health is important to me. Sharing feedback will help me a lot in crafting my stories and benefit other readers like you. Thank you!

Planet Manasty Series

Kidnapping (because aliens)


Dub con

Reverse Harem / Why Choose with MM Themes


Big Harem MMMMMM (collects mates one book at a time)

InstaLust / Fated Mates



Explicit Sex Scenes

Broken Pieces Series

Monster and Alien Romance

Non Con (there is SA or Sexual Assault on Page on Book 2)

Dub Con (all books)

with MM or male-male relationships

Quick Reads

Violence using fantasy magic


Explicit sex scenes

The Pink Ghost Project


with MM or male-male relationships

Explicit sex scenes

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