7/11/23: Writing Update, Patreon Exclusive Content, Book Recs, and more!

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Dear Reader,

I hope you are doing well. Because of health conditions, I was not able to publish Orange Mountain, the 4th Book in Manasty series. The new launch date is September 4, 2023. I was recently diagnosed with chronic migraine. It’s a good thing being a freelancer allowed me to work part time with my day job, and part time as a writer. Less take home pay for sure but I’m hoping to focus my energy on writing more stories. The goal is to become a full-time author sooner rather than when I retire 😀

In this newsletter, I have info on:

  • a Patreon exclusive content
  • book recommendations on RH/Why Choose with mm themes; and,
  • work in progress.

Patreon Exclusive Content

So, I wrote a story which I felt would be banned on Amazon. To be safe, these stories will be published in my Patreon account. Eventually, I plan to open an online store on my website for stories that are too risky to publish in any book retailers. I only have 1 tier which is more like a tip jar at $1/month. You don’t need to subscribe every month. For this series, it will take me a full year to complete the series even though it’s a short story, about 9K words.

Here’s the blurb and trigger warnings to give you an idea.

Trigger Warnings: This book contains references to violence using fantasy magic, multiple sexual partners, non / dub con, MM, breeding, explicit sex scenes.

The Centaur & The Humanoid: A Portal Fantasy Romance
Pick Up the Pieces, Book 1


Imagine a world where we can travel to alternate universes. My husband sacrificed himself to save me from alien enemies entering our solar system.

His act of heroism rendered him in a vegetative state.

The only way to restore him is to pick up pieces of his soul scattered in other portals.

No other scientist has traveled to other dimensions, except military volunteers. They told me to expect the unexpected. When I landed in this alternate universe, they did not tell me monsters from fairy tales and folktales are real. And they co-exist with humans.

Which of these monsters is my husband?

Only one way to find out.

Once we mate, I will know.

This book is a short MMF / dark read full of heat. It deals with mature themes that may be triggering for some. See author’s note in the beginning of the book. Each book ends with HFN (Happy for Now).

Book Recs

I ❤ ️ reading RH with MM themes. Here’s my July book recommendations. These books helped me while I recuperated. Links direct to amazon.com store.

Pucking Around: A Why Choose Hockey Romance by Emily Rath (2023 | Contemporary sports romance, sword crossing) – we need more books like this!

Pucking Ever After: Volume 1 by Emily Rath (2023 | Contemporary sports romance, bonus scenes from Pucking Around)

Saint View Psychos series by Elle Thorpe (2022 | Contemporary romantic suspense, gang, trilogy, dark themes)

Inheritance of Hunger series by Kathryn Moon (2020 | fairy tale romance, royal FMC, sword crossing)

Good Deeds by Kathryn Moon (2019 | Science Fiction romance, robot/AI, gritty, light/humor, mating)

What favorite RH book with mm are you currently reading?

Work in Progress

Now that I have more time to write, the Manasty series will end in Book 5. This year, the plan is to publish Book 4 (Orange Mountain) and Book 5 (Orange Kingdom). There will be a bundled version of all 5 books with continuing content to be published next year.

In the works is an outline for contemporary romance that is RH with mm themes. I call it the Project “Angsty Hockey Players of Y University”. It’s a mouthful and yes, it was inspired by hockey players from Pucking Around. Shortened version is Project Y University. Instead of sports, it is a trilogy centered on a plain, average looking heroine that had to do ‘odd jobs’ while studying. The MMCs took time before they fell in love with the FMC aka a slow burn romance. This is a friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope. Book 1 is light and ends with a cliffhanger. Book 2 is very very dark. Book 3 will, of course, have a HEA.

For next year, if things go as planned, the Manasty series will have a spin-off series with a new FMC. It will be based on the Princess featured in the free story, The Hiscat in Planet Arkun. If you haven’t read that story yet, get your free copy here.

See you in next month’s newsletter!



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